Hatena Star Diary

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Now you can add Stars on any website using the extension for Mozilla Firefox2007-10-04 08:08:48

Today we introduced the Hatena Star Extension for Firefox that lets you add Stars to any website.

In the past you could add Stars only to blogs that had installed Hatena Star. From today, Firefox users can add Stars to any website just by installing an extension. To install the extension, click on the link below.

Install Hatena Star Extension for Firefox now

This extension is only for Firefox, but we hope to expand the use of “Hatena Star Everywhere” for other browsers as well in the near future.

Set up websites using SiteConfigWiki (for the technically inclined)

With the Hatena Star Everywhere function, you can add Stars to any site by editing the Hatena Star SiteConfigWiki. You will need some technical knowledge to edit SiteConfigWiki using the instructions at the top of the page.

SiteConfigWiki - Hatena Star

We hope you enjoy using this new function.


Customizing Hatena Star images2007-09-18 14:49:59

The following pages describe how you can customize Hatena Star images and icons.

Hatena Star Diary – Let's customize your blog some more

You will learn how to change the icons for the Star (), Add Star button (), and Comment button (), as well as how to change the appearance of the figure that lets you know the number of Stars you have received. All the instructions are included in one page for your convenience. We hope you will try it soon.

ID calls will be sent from Hatena Star comments2007-09-18 01:47:09

From today, every time an ID is written in a Hatena Star comment, an ID call will be sent to that person.

Every time a Username is written in the “id:hatenastar” format in a Hatena Star comment, an ID call will be sent that person if he/she is able to access that comment.

We hope you enjoy using this new feature.

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